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Cameras & Photo Audio

The cameras & photo audio line is designed to provide customers with quality camera content and images in high quality video and video content. The line also includes a 1296p body-worn camera that offers great features and a built-in camera for secure video and video content. The line also includes a dvr for video and photo recording, as well as a pocket securityrecorder for using in a pocket watch, phone, or other device.

Alpine HCE-C2100RD Multi-View Camera

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This is a camera and photo audio product. We make a camera that records and stores videos and pictures that are taken with it. It has a dvr so you can keep track of what was done and where it was done. The camera also has a video camcorder that can take pictures and videos. It also has a nanny app so the child can be taken to daycare or school. The audio quality is superb for a camera this size. It has built in security and security record so you can keep track of who was able to access your camera and what type of content was taken.
this camera is all about providing video and audio quality while hunting. It is solar powered and can be used in both direct sunlight and darkness. It has a 18 megapixel camera resolution and can take tight captures of your prey. The no glow option helps keep the camera unnoticeable, but it's also got a standard camera mic.
the pyle audio vigilante compact is a great body camera for self-defense. It is made from durable materials and has a very low cost of ownership. It has a 10 video resolution, 2 inch digital video resolution, and 10 minutes of recording time. It can also act as a video and stills camera. The vigilante compact also has an advanced technologies for video, stills, and video-in-picture. This makes it easy to take pictures and videos while it is in use. The camera can be set to the following settings: video, video-in- trance, high- quality video-in-place, stills, and stills-in-place.